miercuri, 26 iunie 2013

Love is never enough

Case: G and B, both busy in their careers, had decided to spend more time together. One Saturday, G told B of her plan to spend the afternoon shopping. B, wanting to be close to G, immediately decided to accompany her. G, after a particularly frustrating work day, interpreted this as an intrusion (thinking “He never lets me do my own thing”). She nevertheless said nothing to B and was quiet during the entire shopping expedition. B interpreted her silence to mean that she didn’t care for his company, and he become angry at her. G reacted to his anger by withdrawing even more.

*G – girlfriend

 B – boyfriend

** text preluat si adaptat

Un comentariu:

  1. G came home one day with excitement and eager to discuss some good news with her husband, B. She has just been awarded a good contract. But when she started to tell him about this unexpected success in her career, he seemed distant and uninvolved. She thought “he doesn’t really care about me. He’s only interested in himself”. Her excitement evaporated and went into another room alone. Meanwhile, B – who was feeling somewhat dejected that day because of a setback in his career – had the thought “She doesn’t really care about me. She’s only interested in her own career.”